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Harrison opens school year with exciting new model

To Principal Tammie Franks, the Promise Academy at Harrison Elementary is an engaging model with lots of potential. “We want our students to have an experience at school that excites them about learning and being part of a community that’s focused on developing their gifts and talents,” she said Aug. 8, the first day of classes at Harrison for 2019-20.

Fayette County Public Schools works hard to ensure that every student succeeds. For those at Harrison and William Wells Brown elementaries, the district is taking extra steps to meet that goal through a new initiative called the Promise Academies. The aim is to provide enhanced educational opportunities by extending the school day and adding more days to the school year. This structure will allow FCPS to build in more learning time and give students additional enrichment experiences in art, music, technology, physical education, science, and world languages.

Special education teacher Karen Rollins, a Lexington native who most recently worked in Indiana, accepted the position at Harrison this fall because of the dedicated leaders and eager children. “The administration is cheering everybody on, and Mrs. Franks has made her expectations very clear. When we get the kids in the building, that’s when things will click,” she said earlier. 

Rollins believes the youngsters are ready to thrive, if given proper supports. “It’s hard to do your job (as a student) if your basic needs aren’t met and you don’t know what’s expected of you. This model is very explicit, and it is well within students’ abilities to do what we expect and to learn in the process. They want to learn, and they want all those good things to happen. These kids will benefit 110 percent and will do better because of (the Promise Academy),” she said.

“At first it seems a little daunting to do something from the ground up, but it leaves a lot of room and space for innovation and building new ideas,” Rollins added. “The hope is to see more engaged students and students responding to a level of structure that will serve them in a positive way.”



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